My Own E-Guitar

Everyone wants it, so why not build it?

I always wanted to have my own e-guitar! And as I am not an expert musician that needs the best sound he can get, why not build it myself? The great thing about e-guitars it, that a proper sound is almost complete created by accurate workmanship, good pickups and wireing.

With Fusion you can easily build models accurate to less than a millimeter, perfect for the case.

With access to a CNC milling machine, cutting the preliminary shape from the wood block was a great experience. I haven’t worked with such machines yet, but if you know what you do you can achieve amazing results.

But machines cannot do everythin and of course a lot of manual work has to be done as well. I did cut the frets by manual measurements, but next time I will let the machine do this. This should make them even more accurate.

Sadly I do not have any pictures but I had grind the whole body until I got the smooth shape, because CNC machines cannot realy create curved surfaces. I’ve painted the parts, sprayed the letters with help of a template from a laser cutter , installed the hardware and finalized everything.

The final e-guitar. If you can deciver the phrase let me know and congratulations, I like your taste!